Why You Need a USB-C Adapter

You may have seen us posting a lot lately about our new USB-C Adapters and for good reason, as these small but mighty tools are an essential addition to your office set up. Let us tell you why.

Over the last few years, we have seen a shift toward more compact laptops that appeal to the increasing amount of people who have the option of working remotely. These people travel often and flick between working from an office, cafe and home. Being on the go requires a seamless and lightweight office solution that allows you to quite literally set up and work from anywhere.

But with smaller laptops and tablets, come a decrease in the standard HDMI, Ethernet, USB and even SD card slots that you would have typically found on laptops. Instead, they have been reduced or replaced entirely by an oblong shaped port called a USB-C port.

What is a USB-C port?

It’s a connector similar to the traditional USB, Apple Lightning or Micro-USB plugs you are likely used to. However, USB-C differs in a few ways like its power delivery and ability to transfer data from your laptop to your selected device much faster then other connectors (up to four times faster depending on the cable you are using).

Where does MOYORK come in?

We saw a need for USB-C adapters and created a range called LYNK. Why? Because we understand first-hand the importance of accessories that are functional without adding weight to your laptop case when you are zipping from location to location. Additionally, we care greatly about using high-grade materials to ensure longevity of a product all without compromising style.

Our USB-C Range

Our first point of difference is apparent right at first glance. Our Adapters are crafted from High Grade Aluminium and come in a sleek space-grey so they're not an eyesore when you are trying to stay focused.

Second, we created seven different adapters! Rather than fork out for an adapter with a range of ports you may not use, you have the option of purchasing an adapter with the ports relevant to your specific needs, for example HDMI or Ethernet ports. Don’t worry, we also have a solution if you do require more then just one type of port!

Our USB-C Adapter range is compatible with your USB-C enabled devices such as a MacBook, iPad, notebook or tablet. As long as your have a USB-C port, then you're good to go.

To skip ahead and view our full range, you can click here or keep reading for a recap of our LYNK range.

  1. USB-C Adapter with 1x USB-A port
  2. USB-C Adapter with 3x USB-A ports
  3. USB-C Adapter with 2x USB-A ports + 1x Ethernet (RJ45) port
  4. USB-C Adapter with 2x USB-A ports + SD Card Reader + Micro SD Card Reader
  5. USB-C Adapter with 2x USB-A ports + HDMI port
  6. USB-C Adapter with 2x USB-A ports + HDMI port + USB-C pass-through charge port
  7. USB-C Adapter with 2x USB-A ports + HDMI port + USB-C pass-through charge port + Thunderbolt 3 port + SD Card Reader + Micro SD Card Reader (note: this is for a MacBook only)

So whether you require SD card ports to load content from your camera, an HDMI port to connect a second screen, an Ethernet port to hard wire direct to the internet, or additional USB ports for your mouse, keyboard etc then we have you covered!

Ready to enhance your office toolkit? 

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