Tips for Working From Home

We're officially on lockdown, which means all non-essential businesses have packed up and moved home!

Working from home is the norm for many of you but for others it's a whole new challenge to navigate during such a difficult time! 

The team at MOYORK have a fair bit of experience when it comes to working from home, so they share their top tips so help you get through!

1. Keep a regular work schedule. Wake up at a decent time, crack into work and make sure you have a finish time at the end of the day and switch off those emails.

2. Music. A playlist fills the silence that an office would usually provide. I find music without words helps me to stay focused. Particularly loving this playlist on YouTube right now or this Spotify playlist I put together for the MOYORK team. - Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Manager 

3. Time block. If you have kids at home, no doubt working a solid day is a little harder. Time blocking allows you to have a productive hour while the kids are distracted with an activity. Then give them a bit of attention before completing another block. This is challenging and your patience will get a solid workout. - Gavin Moth, GM Sales & Marketing

4. Exercise. Throughout a regular day you might have nipped up the road for a coffee but with that option off the table it's good to still get out, go for a run to get the blood pumping and help energize you. - Des Ling, General Manager

5. No PJs. Getting too comfortable will make you feel like it's chill time, not work time. If you're really into this one, feel free to take a page out of Hilary Barry's book and go full glam if you're up for it!

6. Clear your desk. Get rid of any home-related objects in your field of view (kids toys, laundry, dirty dishes, the remote control) and keep it clean so you can limit distractions.

7. Keep up the water intake. Often we drink more water at the office, likely because the water cooler is a great social break. But don't let this slip because dehydration brain fog is real! 

8. Get social. While we have to remain indoors for now, a little virtual social interaction will go a long way. Set up a video meeting and face to face with your colleagues via Zoom or Teams to help you feel more connected. You don't always have to talk about work either. - Jo Graham, International Sales Manager

9. Write a daily to-do list. Working from home means your usual office distractions are somewhat limited. This is a great time to smash through tasks - but rather then getting overwhelmed by your list, break it down into day-sized chunks and tick each task off as you go. This will also help keep you on track for the day.

10. Eat but don't over snack. Getting sucked into the work bubble with no co-workers to remind you that it's lunch time can be an issue for some. On the other hand, a full fridge at arms reach can have the opposite effect for snackers. Stick to the regular meal times you would typically keep at work by setting an alarm! This is also a great tip for those with kids who are ALWAYS hungry.

We hope this helps during such a stressful time!

Stay safe & stay safe.

The MOYORK team