How to Use: The 3-in-1 cable

The 3-in-1 cable has been a fan favourite since its launch a few months ago.
We released the cable to fill a need for people with multiple devices that required different charge cables for each.
The 3-in-1 cable is made from high grade aluminium and at only 15cm is compact and great for those on the go!
The cord end has a reversible USB end which can plug into any wall charger or power bank (shop our gorgeous ones here).

The Three Heads:

The other end of the cable features three ‘heads’ if you will. 
1. USB-C
2. Micro-USB 
3. Lightning
Moyork 3in1 cable

How it works

The power from the USB end runs through the cable and out the middle head - the Micro-USB end.
If you want to plug a Micro-USB device in, then you can do so without needing to adjust anything. If you have a device requiring a USB-C or Lightning cable, you need to plug the head of the USB-C or Lightning end onto the Micro-USB end. This will connect it to the power source. 
moyork cable
It’s important to note that the little cords connecting the USB-C and Lightning are only plastic and will not charge your device unless they have been plugged onto to the Micro-USB port.
We hope this helps and you can shop these cables right here: