Essentials for your remote office

With remote working on the rise, we identified a need for beautifully designed yet practical accessories for your office toolkit to help you stay productive, in style.

Staying true to our brand ethos, our new range of products have been created with versatility in mind and are made from high grade materials to ensure quality is never compromised.


moyork usb-c adapter for pc

Collection: LYNK

Product Category: USB-C Adapters

Benefits: Will give you all the extra ports you need (hello extra USB ports) and don't have on your current laptop or tablet. They will work on any device with a USB-C port. 

Providing versatility to your workspace, Lynk is a range of USB-C adapters with as distinctive Moyork twist. Available in a sleek aluminium space grey these adapters are the sophisticated answer to functional adapters.

Lynk expands your port options on your tablet, notebook, Macbook that may lack the necessary ports you require.

Our USB-C adapter range give you the option to add extra ports for:

  • USB
  • USB-C
  • Lightning
  • SD Cards
  • Ethernet Port
  • HDMI


moyork wall charger

Collection: WATT

Product Category: Wall Chargers

Benefits: Dual charging ports for multiple devices. Bonus - one will charge your phone quickly.

The Moyork dual USB wall chargers feature Smart IC technology and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology respectively. Compact and with a stylish textured stone effect finish, the dual 3.1A Max (Shared) outputs and will charge up to two mobile devices simultaneously. Smart IC Technology enables the wall charger to automatically detect and deliver optimum charging speeds to your mobile device.

Our enabled wall charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and a 2.4A output will fast charge up to two mobile devices simultaneously.


moyork power bank

Collection: WATT

Product Category: Portable Power Banks

Benefits: A portable power source to charge multiple devices at the same time

The Moyork WATT range of portable power banks are sleek and minimalistic and made from high-grade materials. With a luxurious soft touch feel, they are available in three stunning colours: Raven Black, Midnight Blue and Merlot Red.

While they may be lightweight, they pack a serious punch and depending on your selection, deliver between 5,000mAh and 20,000mAh giving you the ability to re-charge your device up to 6x before the power bank requires charging.

The added bonus are the port options allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously whether your device be USB-A, USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB dependent. These power banks are the perfect power solution to charge your Smartphone or various other portable devices on the go.

moyork fast charge power banks

Collection: WATT+

Product Category: Fast Charging and Qi Power Banks

Benefits: Best solution for the time poor who want to charge devices, quickly

The WATT+ range is dedicated to our Power Banks with extra features. These power banks are available in both 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh and each are equipped with Quick Charge technology. Quick Charge power banks can charge your devices up to 4x faster then regular chargers (read more about that here).

They come pre-charged and have 3x USB outputs so you can charge up to three mobile devices simultaneously and 3x charge inputs giving you versatility on your cable choice when recharging.

An additional feature is the included magnetic USB-C Charging cable which ties directly to your device, so you'll always have a cable on hand.

Our 8,000mAh Qi Charger can not only charge your devices via cable, but using Wireless Charging you can simply place your phone on top and let it charge! A great cordless solution for people who prefer a more seamless approach (or forget their cable...!)

    moyork accessory cables

    Collection: CORD

    Product Category: Accessory Cables

    Benefits: Hard wearing, won't break, look great and so many options for various devices.

    CORD is our accessory cable range. Crafted from Double Braided Nylon, Aramid Fibre and features Dual Layer Sheathing for extra durability, this cable is virtually indestructible. Available in both 1.2m and 2m lengths in a range of rich colours such as Raven Black, Midnight Blue and Merlot Red. They are a sleek and beautifully designed addition to your office or home.

    Available cables:


    moyork laptop sleeve

    Collection: CLOAK

    Product Category: Laptop Sleeves

    Benefits: Clever cable system, multiple pockets and extra protection

    The Moyork Cloak 13-14 inch laptop sleeve has an elegant and stylish design with a genuine leather trim that stores and protects your MacBook or notebook. Cloak has a built-in cable feed system that allows you to store and charge your mobile devices discreetly on the go. It features a power bank pocket, phone pocket, 4x credit card/business card slots and 2x pen/stylus holder.

    Moyork Cloak combines elegance and versatility into one solution to protect and charge your mobile devices on the go.