Father's Day Gift Guide

This Father's Day we turn to Fashion Influencer Benn Bromley from Daily Touch Of Class to give us some inspiration on what we can get for the Dad in our life.
Whenever this time of year rolls around, I find myself scrambling to come up with alternate presents to chocolates, a bottle of wine or a novelty item of sorts.
I'm making an effort this year to get Dad something that's not only unique but also something he'll actually use. I think I've found some pretty great options.
Handy Hint: Father's Day is on Sunday 2nd September, so you only have a couple of weeks to sort him out. 

Socks - From Swanky Socks

Look, I know socks are a classic go-to for Dad. But these socks are seriously the best. Having been an avid wearer for several months now, I can't help but put this on the list. (They even have a yearly subscription option).

Power bank - From Moyork

Anyone else struggles to get hold of Dad because his phone is always flat? Make his life a little easier and help him keep his electronics charged with a Moyork power bank. Available in a range of colours and in Aluminium or Leather.
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Orbitsound Spaced 360 

You can never go wrong with a portable speaker unless Dad has some funky music preferences. 

kaiser baas x500 gift for dad

X500 Action Camera - from Kaiser Baas

Send Dad out on an adventure with a Kaiser Baas Action Camera. These cameras are small but mighty and extremely affordable - this one shoots in 4K at 60FPS and is only $249.95AU! They even come with a waterproof case so he can take it fishing (or in case he spills his beer on it).

Audible Subscription - from Audible

Dad chews through books and I swear he would read while driving if he could. An audible subscription is pretty ultimate and great for on the go. They have a massive collection of Audiobooks and give great recommendations, which will keep him entertained. It's literally the gift that keeps on giving. 


Nebula Capsule portable projector - From Amazon

You just know that this is the kind of thing Dad will keep on hand and get a kick out of whipping out when people are over. To be honest, I want one for myself (but have a feeling I'm now too old to do the ol' 'buy for Dad when it's really for me' trick).  

Qi Wireless Charging Pad

A practical but cool gift nonetheless. Dad seems to run his battery to the ground pretty rapidly, so having something like this Wireless charger that can fast-charge his phone is awesome - then he can get on with the day!