Are Power Banks allowed on planes?

"Can I travel with my power bank?"
A common question when purchasing a power bank.
The good news is, yes! Our Moyork Power Banks are quite literally designed for the keen traveller. It's the best travel buddy you'll ever purchase but there are a few fundamental things to remember!

1. Do not pack your power bank in your checked luggage!
It needs to travel in your hand luggage only. If you pack it in your checked luggage, security will need to go through your things and it will very likely be confiscated.

2. Check your Airline power bank requirements. 
Most airlines limit the capacity to 100Wh (or 27000mAh) or below. Moyork power banks range from 5000mAh, 6000mAh and 10000mAh - so you're well within the safe zone.
3. Always pre-charge before you go to the airport.
Add it to your packing list of things to do. There's nothing worse than having a power bank handy right when you need it, only to find that it's run flat.

4. Don't forget your charge cable!
Our Power Banks all come with a cable that can be used to re-charge your power bank, but we recommend a 3-in-1 cable for travelling. It can be used to charge both your power bank and various devices and is more convenient than carrying multiple cables.

5. Don't forget about your Charge Clutch
The power bank inside your charge clutch may seem small (4000mAh), but it too will be confiscated if you pack it in your check-in luggage. We have conveniently designed it to be removable, so you can pop it into another handbag to use as you wish. (Though the clutch is the perfect travel bag, having been custom-designed to fit your passport!)


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