All about Qi Wireless Chargers

No doubt you're hearing about Wireless charging like it’s some kind of superfood. In some ways, it really is - only this technology is here to stay! There are various forms of wireless charging, but as all Moyork Wireless Charging devices are Qi certified, it’s only fitting we focus on this type.
moyork qi wireless chargers What is Qi?
Qi, [pronounced Chee] is the Chinese word for Energy Flow. Qi devices provide wireless charging to compatible devices when the two come into contact.
In order for a product to be called Qi, there is a rigorous certification process a brand must go through first which ensures that your purchase is a safe, high quality, authenticated product.

moyork Qi wireless chargerThe benefits of Qi
Have you ever found yourself seeing how long you can go in a day without having to eventually find a cord to charge your device, leaving your phone almost incapacitated while it’s on charge?
This often means we leave charging it to the last minute and often right when you really need it most. Like just before that afternoon conference call, or right before you hop on the bus and realise your phone can’t keep you entertained for the ride.

A major benefit of wireless charging solves this issue by giving you a base to place your phone when not in use. It’s incredibly user-friendly and means that throughout the day, you can ‘power graze’ your phone, ensuring you’re not going to get caught out with the ‘Low battery’ notification we all know and dread.

Our Qi-certified wireless charges are speedy and support up to 10W charging speeds. While 15W is the highest (for the likes of Samsung devices), you’ll find that most accessories only support 5W. Make sure you’re only purchasing products with the Qi logo and ‘Qi certified’ label, as there are plenty of knock-offs on the market.
moyork qi wireless chargers
MOYORK Products
MOYORK have released three Qi Wireless charging devices, suitable for your home, the office and your car. The devices support up to a 10W charging speed which means your device will be ready to use and faster.

The Watt wireless charging pad is perfect for your at home or desk environment. Featuring a non-slip surface, it comes in black and includes a 1.5m nylon braided cable, so you can plug it in and have it sit comfortably on your surface, allowing you to pick up your phone as needed, without having to unplug anything.
We hope this has given you a bit of clarity around the technology that is Qi.

Our Wireless Chargers are compatible with iPhone 8/8Plus and later models like the iPhone XS Max, Wireless Air Pods, Samsung S8 or later models or any other Qi-certified or wireless charge enabled device.

You can view our range and read more here and see what you think!