5 Minutes with: The Lost Girls

Amber Holyoak is the face behind the blog The Lost Girls, a journal dedicated to her world excursions.

 Amber Holyoake
Occupation: Traveller! 
Social channels: 
Website: thelostgirls.club
Instagram: @thelostgirlsnz
Facebook:  facebook.com/wethelostgirls
What do you love to do in your time off?
Surf or listen to podcasts!

What are your favourite travel blogs or Instagrams you follow?
From NZ, I met Ash Owens last year and it's been so amazing to watch her channel grow and see the awesome content she produces. I'm always inspired by the stunning brand she has created for herself. Internationally, I love How Not To Travel Like a Basic Bitch, Dr Kiona shares so many important stories about respecting the locals and natives when you travel and sharing the travel experiences of POC. 

What's your favourite location you’ve been to and why?
I hate this question because I have so many favourites! I could tell you how amazing Portugal, Croatia, Hawaii, the Phillippines, or Iceland and so many other places are, but at the end of the day, you really can't beat Aotearoa. 

Your top 5 can’t live without items you take when travelling?
Could just say my phone and leave it at that! But also a portable charger (like Moyork’s) because I chew through my battery, water, a book of sudoku to entertain me when there’s no signal and my drone.

Where to next on your travels?
I'll be in Sagres, Portugal for the majority of summer then Aarhus, Denmark for a bit while I figure out my next step.

moyork traveller accessories

Having embarked on her trip solo, she’s rounded up a few pros and cons of this decision, which may serve as an inspiration to anyone on the fence about it.

Amber believes that solo travel is something every woman should do at least once in her life and has been inspired by the many people she’s met along the way - a list has been compiled to further convince you why you should!


You can see things your own way. 

The internet brings us closer together. 

You're only responsible for yourself

It's easier to meet people.

A sense of camaraderie, from both genders. 

No worrying about awkward money chats.

You'll never have so much freedom. 


It can get lonely. 

Selfie sticks.

You need to be more cautious.
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