5 Minutes With: Jane Lowe

Jane is the hilarious and beautiful face behind The Yoga Connection, a website dedicated to highlighting the best local health and wellness events across New Zealand.
Jane Liza Emma Rachael Lowe 
Founder of The Yoga Connection, Freelancer

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Personal Instagram: TheYogaConnection
What’s your favourite lunch on-the-go meal?
Coffee, chocolate. Sometimes toast. I really wish I was joking.
    What’s your number one beauty non-negotiable? 
    If you were to wear one clothing item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Apart from underwear? Because I’m quite big on wearing that… Otherwise, a nice big shapeless jumper that doesn’t itch around my neck. #glam
    What will finally break the internet?
    My husband actually broke it on the weekend. We were creating art but Facebook doesn’t accept dad bods. We’re going to try again this weekend…
    What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?
    Really apart from books and art, we own nothing so that would be the best. And the worst would be some exercise equipment purchased and never used during some long nights of insomnia.

    Who’s your favourite Kiwi/Aussie celebrity/influencer and why?
    I love all the kiwi big guns - @makaiacarr @simone_anderson @thestyleinsider @leahlight @blessedbydoubles @_samuellevi and SO many more. Aussie ones would be @jetsetmama and a whole lot of Byron Bay mamas in uncreased linen who are far too beautiful to be real. 
    What's your favourite Moyork product and what situation do you use it most?
    OMG I LOVE MY CLUTCH BAG!!!! I use it all the time especially when I’m out and about and know I’ll be needing to take pics. So awesome not having to worry about the battery of my phone running flat.