5 minutes with: Jaheb Barnett


Jaheb is a creative, cool character who's making his mark on the NZ blogging scene. You might be thinking 'how the heck do you pronounce his name?' but it's pronounced without the 'h'.

Advertising by day, rougue men’s fashion blogger by night.

Social channel / website links: 
Instagram: @Jahebbarnett
Facebook: @Jahebbarnett
What’s your favourite lunch on-the-go meal?
I’d happily have dumplings for an on-the-go lunch and for every meal of the day. 
    What’s your number one beauty product non-negotiable? 
    This one’s easy. Has to be a signature scent - currently wearing Bleu de Chanel.
    If you were to wear one clothing item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    My T-Rex pj pants.

    What will finally break the internet?
    The entire world streaming the first time humans get to Mars.

    What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?
    The worst purchase is a hard one as I’m sure there’s been a few that fit the bill and I’ve blocked them from my memory. In my teens I was wearing a strange leather jacket that was too small that my friends stole and burned for my best interests. Best purchase of late would be my electric drum kit - it’s been on my wish list for about a decade. 

    Who’s your favourite Kiwi / Aussie celebrity/influencer and why?
    One of my friends who I meet on the blog scene and admire is Aki (@thesleekavenue). Not only is her style next level insane and unique to her, she captures and edits the content herself. Incredibly talented and is gaining lots of momentum here and internationally. 

    What's your favourite Moyork product and what situation do you use it most?
    I get loads of mileage out of my Moyork power bank, as often with the nature of advertising and shooting content, we’re out and about so it’s handy to be able charge on the fly. Typically my co-workers knick it to juice up their phones too!