Moyork Products On Tour

Our Moyork Marketing Manager,  Courtney Schwartz, recently went abroad with our products in tow...
Working for Moyork, I may seem a little biased when it comes to our products (naturally). But to be frank, if I really didn't like them, I wouldn't bother taking up precious luggage space if I didn't have to. Luckily enough - I do love them and I want to tell you why.

I always pack a few key Moyork products when I travel and I can honestly say I wouldn't travel again without them. I have done a lot of travelling over the past few years and I wish I knew what I know now!
travel with Moyork

Here's what I took on my recent trip to the USA.

The first is a portable power bank
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I always travel with two of them (make sure you pack it in your carry on! More info about that here) as my Husband and Stepdaughter frequently need to keep their devices charged too. Have you ever been on a long haul flight or road trip with a 6-year-old and their iPad goes flat mid-way through their favourite show? Learn from my experience, do yourself a favour and take one with you.

The power banks were a lifesaver for not only iPads and phones, but also Action Cameras! We film our adventures on a Kaiser Baas Action Camera and use the power bank to recharge it on the go. I can't tell you how many times we used this mid-filming.
moyork 3-in-1 cable
The next is a 3-in-1 cable
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This device is exceptionally great when you have multiple devices requiring multiple cables. We took two of these so we could be efficient and charge numerous devices at the same time.

This one cable has three different ports (Lightning, USB-C, Micro USB) and we used it to charge Apple devices, my Mother in Laws Samsung phone, an Action Camera, my DSLR and my Stepdaughters electronic microphone (which I wish stayed flat, but she knows I always keep my power bank in my handbag).
moyork genuine leather clutch
Finally, the Charge Clutch
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Probably one of our best selling items at Moyork and for good reason! Two years ago I trialled our original clutch (with no strap) on a trip to the States and I loved it. It's lightweight and slim and was nice to have the essentials all in one place (it even has a passport slot!).

The little power bank it comes with meant I could take photos all day on my phone and Instagram up a storm, without worrying about my battery levels. When I needed a boost, I'd just plug it into the power bank and put it away for a few minutes to charge up.

My most recent trip I took the new clutch with the removable handbag strap and it fast became my go-to bag throughout the day too. At night, I would take off the straps and turn it into a clutch!
moyork travel charge clutch
When travelling on the plane, I would store my carry on bag overhead and have my passport, credit cards, reusable bag (for Duty-Free Shopping), chapstick, mirror, facemask, toothbrush, 3-in-1 cable, power bank (it comes with one) and phone all neatly stored in my clutch. Just call me Mary Poppins. One of my favourite things about it is it is small enough to then slip into the back of the seat in front of me so it stayed off the floor and within arms reach.
One extra bonus for me is despite how practical these items are, they are pleasant to look at. I don't feel like I'm lugging around ugly products that I need to discretely hide behind my back when my photo is being taken. Have you ever done that subconsciously?

You also can't argue with the price of these things. The power banks start $49.99NZD, the cable is $39.99 and the clutch is only $159.99 (and it's genuine leather).

You can thank me later!